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Audi diagnostic repair
Ford Mustange
1979 Mercedes
2018 Mustange install camber kit

1968 Chevelle SS 396 Engine

Porsche Alignment

4 Wheel Alignment

Old school hot rods, my favorite.
Oil sludge build up

Oil sludge build up is due to improper oil changes and failing to keep up with maintenance.

Audi transmission repair

Audi transmission repair

BMW engine repair

Oil sludge due to late oil changes, Recommend to change your oil every 7500 Miles

Volkswagen engine repair

Complete engine reseal

Volkswagen Engine repair
Broken timing belt and valve damage

Broken timing belt and valve damage, Cause by not replacing timing belt

Audie auto repair

Recommend to change your oil every 7500 Miles or you will be replace it

Audi timing belt replacement
Oil sludge build up
News Hawk Machine: 4-Wheel alignment
Audi 4-wheel alignment

Replace air condition compressor and timing chain

Updated M/E Module on Mercedes
Oil Change every 7500 Miles
Foreign auto repair
Mini Repair
Mercedes engine repair
Updated M/E Control Module
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